What our customers say


"If you love burgers, you will love this place. I’ve been here twice in one week and the burgers were done to perfection on both my visits. They were well seasoned and immaculately put together. I asked for them to be done medium-rare, which I feel brings out the juiciness and the flavours from the patties much more. The price point is a little higher ($20-$30) before service charge but you know you’re paying for quality when you come here." - Burger Man


«Hidden Gem at Duxton..The burger is amazing, love the taste of my salmon+nori burger. Not forgetting about the lime zesty fries. Really one of the best that I have in SG. My bf loves his pulled pork burger too. Ambience is cozy and definitely makes you wanna come back again.» - Meicia Koh


«The best burger in Singapore, period! As an American, burgers are comfort food. As an expat living in Singapore, there are some good burgers to be had. Lombardo's tops them all. As important, their fries are also outstanding, with an unexpected hint of lime zest that adds an extra little something; too often, burger places make a good burger but miss the mark on fries. Everything - beef, bun, pickles, tomatoes, caramelized onions and secret sauce come together perfectly. Great job! Wish them the best luck and success!» - Vince Kasten


«Super awesomelicious burgers! Lombardo's in Amsterdam changed my life, and the Lombardo's in Singapore is equally as good! Must try!!!» - Brandon M


«Exceptional burger and service! Had their hangover burger and pork-a-licious, portion was generous and beef patty was cooked to perfection! Will definitely be back for more!!» - Grace Liew


«Key details make this a delicious burger... slight crisp on the outside of the bun, yet soft on the inside... the crispiness on the bun prevents juice/sauce from making the burger a sloppy mess... where other burger places go for a large tomato slice, Lombardo’s has gone for the better ‘bite-sized’ tomato slices.. the pancetta and burger sauce a great too... the fries were prepared well, but the burger itself was filling enough for me. Perhaps Lombardo’s can consider including a very small portion of fries with the burger, as a whole sidedish of fries is too much for one person Overall good experience and friendly staff.. will come back» - Kyle


«Had the 'most expensive burger'. The kobe beef patty was abit over and the lobster needs abit more seasoning. The spicy compote really brought this burger together with the foie gras. Thank you for the concept chef! Friendly staff and chef. Dank je!» - Nathaniel L


«Saw this restaurant open up across the road from the office and had to give it a try. Was not disappointed! had the Moo’s & Blue’s burger, which was absolutely delicious, perfectly balanced flavours and nicely complimented by a side of fries. Service staff was Super attentive and very friendly, which is always a bonus! Keep up the good work.» - Richard Sugandha


«Really good burger - had the Classic Dutch burger - well seasoned patty and well balanced condiments. Decently sized burger for the price. Would surely come back again :)» - Mohammed Pitolwala